Achaia Clauss

Petroto, Patra, 265 00, Greece
Achaia Clauss is the first organized Greek winery established after Greece won its independence from the Ottoman Empire beginning in 1821. Founded by the Bavarian Gustavo Claus, it has been in operation since 1861. An…

Ktimata Evdoksia

Platanousa, Ioannna, 440 13, Greece
“Ktimata Evdoksia” offers a different note to the tourist wandering in the Tzoumerka area and invite him to experience the vineyards, as well as the hospitable winery – distillery. It is a small family-run winery,…

Katogi Averoff

Metsovo, Ioannina, 442 00, Greece
Katogi Averoff finds inspiration in life and people; in vines, which flourish under difficult conditions; in bears and birds, our companions in the Metsovo vineyards; in people, who overcome all adversities to create. The winery…

Domaine Glinavos

Zitsa, Ioannina, 440 03, Greece
With ongoing efforts for the continuous improvement of its wines quality, Glinavos winery is one of the leaders in the field of wine-making. Lefteris Glinavos set up the winery with effort and passion in 1978.…

Zoinos Winery

Zitsa, Ioannina, 440 03, Greece
Zoinos Winery is located in the village of Zitsa, 26 km from the city of Ioannina. The village is built on a slope at an altitude of 700 meters. Zoinos Winery is the oldest and…

CASA PRIMIS – Az. Agr. Selano Nicola

Via Ortanova km. 0,500 cap 71048 Stornarella (FG)
Thanks to the inherited experience and the knowledge acquired through in-depth studies, we have converted the old marquee vines with new forms of counter-backed training to increase the quality of the raw material of the…

San Marzano Wines

Via Mons. A. Bello, 9 San Marzano di San Giuseppe TA
Our promise dates back to 1962, when 19 winemakers from the area, the "founding fathers", who had started cultivating the land since the 1950s, joined forces to create a cooperative and build a winery. The…

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