Rizou Watermill

Rizo, Filiates, 46300, Greece
The watermill is located in the village of Dafni - 10 km east of the town of Filiates - Thesprotia. It is an old traditional mill that was recently restored, and operates in an idyllic…

Kampi Watermill

Kampi, Arta, 48200, Greece
The watermill was built in around 1680 by Turkish craftsmen. Today, it still retains its original form after its renovation and remains operational.

Anthochori Open-air Water Museum

Anthochori, Metsovo, 44200, Greece
It highlights the importance of hydropower in traditional societies. It is an open-air museum with old rebuilt watermills, waterfalls and mantles. It focuses on the basic pre-industrial techniques that exploit the power of water to…

Watermill of Gina

Metsovo, 44200, Greece
It is located on the banks of the Arachthos River and is one of the most famous watermills in the area, while its connection with Metsovo and the adjacent monastery of the Virgin Mary is…

Watermill of Kapeti

Palaioselli, Konitsa, 44100, Greece
The watermill is located in the area of Paleoselli and is of Byzantine type. It was built in 1846 on a slope, so that it can take full advantage of the power of the falling…

Bourazani Watermill

Bourazani, Konitsa, 44100, Greece
The watermill is a pre-industrial monument for grinding and washing, still in use. A small path, next to the mill leads to the Aoos riverbank. Unique view of the meanders of the river and the…

Selezione Casillo

ZI via Sant'Elia Corato (BA)
The history of the company began in 1958 when Francesco Casillo bought the Corato mill ‘Molino e Pastificio Coratini’ and, renaming it ‘Molino Casillo’, handed it over to his son Vincenzo. With the second generation…

Azienda Agricola Multifunzionale “CAROPPO”

via Sant'Anna 48 Minervino di Lecce
Multifunctional Farm The millenary experience of the tradition of bread and all its derivatives, assumes in the history of Puglia and Salento in particular, the connotations of a real ritual for life. In reality, bread…

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